Protech Mobile Phone Repairs Portsmouth, we offer mobile, tablet and PC repairs, and also a mobile phone unlocking service.


REPAIRS FOR MOBILE PHONES covering a range of faults including damaged screens, faulty charge ports, speaker problems and many more. Call or e-mail for a quote!

NETWORK UNLOCKING for mobile phones, a process to remove restrictions from your handset to allow it to use all compatible network operator sim cards. Call or e-mail for a quote!

LAPTOP AND TABLET PC REPAIRS available for most major brands, including hardware and software repair services. We also provide data recovery and virus removal services.

WATER DAMAGE TREATMENT can restore functionality to handsets exposed to liquid, Protech make use of ultrasonic cleansing technology to remove any contaminants which can cause corrosion or electrical shorting on exposed electronics.


Protech sell a range of products in store, including chargers, data cables, memory cards, protective cases, screen protectors, headphones, and compact bluetooth sound systems to name a few.




Mobile Phone and PC Repair Centre

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